An AirPods charging thing, for the minimalist.


Use your Belkin BOOST↑UP with your AirPods

With this simple adapter, use your existing classy Belkin stand with your earbuds.

Want to charge your phone instead ?
Just click airboost on the back of the stand.

Keep the desk neat.

With one simple piece of plastic, keep the clutter away from your desk, by using one charger only.

Pro or regular.

This adapter will work with any wireless charging Pods. 

Black or white.

airboost is designed with bricks for the Belkin BOOST↑UP™, available in black or white.

airboost will be limited to a few hundred copies.

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AirPods is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
BOOST↑UP is a trademark of Belkin.